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Sauk Prairie Pool Shark’s Philosophy

The SAUK PRAIRIE POOL SHARKS, Inc. is a volunteer, community organization whose purpose is to organize and support a local recreational and competitive age-group swim team. The organization seeks to promote four main goals:

1. Development of swimming technique.

2. Improvement of physical health, self confidence and discipline.

3. Learn and encourage water safety.

4. Foster sportsmanship through respect for competitors and support of teammates.

The SAUK PRAIRIE POOL SHARKS stresses EFFORT over performance, RESPECT for other competitors, PARTICIPATION as a member of a team, COMMUNITY PRIDE, and PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT, both day to day and meet to meet. Winning is good, but learning how to win and lose is most important.

PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of all swimmers, to swim for SAUK PRAIRIE POOL SHARKS, swimmers must have passed LEVEL 3 in Red Cross swimming lessons or be able to swim front crawl, face in and arms out, one length of the pool unassisted without stopping. 

BABY SHARKS - To be eligible for our Baby Sharks program, swimmers must be able to swim half a length of the pool UNASSISTED. Our coaches/board reserve all rights to decline a swimmer who does not meet the requirements of our program. Families will be reimbursed if that is the case.

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