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Volunteer Opportunities

VOLUNTEERING - IT TAKES 250 WORK HOURS TO RUN A MEET Every summer, Pool Sharks hosts 3 or 4 home meets and we rely on parents to volunteer at each one. At registration, a separate $100 check or cash deposit must be issued by each family. At least one family member must volunteer for a job at each home meet their child swims. At the end of the season, if volunteer requirements are fulfilled, the check will be returned to the family. If they are not fulfilled, the check will be deposited into the Pool Sharks General Fund for purchase of new equipment for the Pool Sharks program.

Volunteer sign-up takes place ONLINE when signing your swimmer up for meets. Training for any of the jobs will be provided. Most are pretty easy and most times you get the BEST viewing of your swimmer's events!

Volunteer Jobs include, but are not limited to:

  • Setup- Set up for home meets, beginning at 6:30 am the day of the meet- get tables, pop up shelters, chairs, and lanes ready for the meet.
  • Concessions- At home meets, 2 hour concession shifts run from 6:30 a.m. until noon. When your swimmer swims, you can go and watch event.
  • Announcer- Announce events and play music. Report by 7:45 am through the end of the meet.
  • Timers- Stand at the lanes and time and enjoy the BEST view of your swimmer! (This is a great job to share with a spouse or other family member - each do ½ the meet.) Rules state that anyone, other than coaches, on the pool deck are neutral and cannot cheer for their swimmer or any swimmers.
  • Officials- Training is required for this duty. If interested, please contact Kippie Talmage. We need to provide officials at all meets - home and away.
  • Deck Runners- Pick up cards from timers and give to Hy-tek table.
  • Clerk of Course (Staging)- Organize swimmers into their lanes and get them to staging area to pool deck before event.
  • Hy-Tek- Training is required for this duty. Enter swimmers times into the computer program.
  • Tear Down/Clean Up- Meets are usually over by 12:00 Noon.
  • Ribbon Distribution- Organize ribbons for our team and the opposing team after scores are entered.
  • All swimmers and parents are asked to assist in cleaning up their areas after both home and away meets.
  • Parents are responsible for your children's (swimmers and non-swimmers) behavior at all Pool Sharks activities including practices, meets, and special events.

POOL SHARKS BOARD - If you are interested in joining the Pool Sharks board or helping to run/organize other specific areas of Pool Sharks, please contact any board member listed on our website. Board members are exempt from paying volunteer fees. 

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