Spring swim camp starts next week!

Hello Spring Swim Camp parents,

We are excited to be back in the pool to offer our spring swim camps! We will kick things off next week! Monday, April 1st for our Monday/Wednesday sessions, and on Tuesday, April 2nd for our Tuesday/Thursday sessions.

Here is what you can expect:

  • In an effort to cut down on foot traffic on the pool deck, we are asking swimmers and families to enter and exit the locker rooms using the high school hallway instead of the main pool entrance doors. They will utilize the competition locker rooms (coaches and pool staff will help direct swimmers as they enter) while parents or siblings will make their way to the mezzanine to observe. Parents are allowed in the locker room to help assist their swimmer if needed, but will then be expected to observe practice from the mezzanine. If you are a parent who needs to assist a swimmer of the opposite sex, and would like to access the family change area, please respond to this email so that can be arranged ahead of time.  Swimmers will be expected to exit the pool area and locker rooms within 15 minutes following camp as there are other groups using the pool after us. Parents or siblings will wait outside the pool for swimmers. SWIMMERS and COACHES only on deck please. Pool staff will try to help remind swimmers and parents of this as you arrive.
  • Our swim coaches, and most of our pool staff do not get out of school until 3:25 everyday. Therefore the pool will not be open until 3:30 for the 3:45 session. If you or your swimmers arrive before 3:30, they will either have to wait in the main pool entrance area or outside of the pool doors until staff arrive to open the facility. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • You should send your swimmer with a swim suit, towel and GOGGLES. We do NOT have goggles to lone or for your swimmer to borrow. They will need goggles for all practices. If you are sending your swimmer with a snack to have before they swim, please encourage them to eat before they enter the pool area, or eat it in the locker room and throw away their garbage. Food is not allowed on the pool deck. (They may bring a water bottle on deck)
  • Please talk to your swimmer about changing quickly, and appropriate behavior in the locker rooms. In the past, we had issues with swimmers leaving messes, destroying property, and messing around in the showers/locker room area. If this becomes an issue, we will not be allowed to use the locker rooms.
  • Once your swimmer is changed, have them report to the bleacher area on deck and sit quietly until the coaches come out for attendance. There is no running on deck or horseplay allowed on the bleachers. No one is allowed to enter the pool without permission from a coach. Coaches will take attendance every day. Once attendance is taken, coaches will direct your swimmer where to go.
  • The first week coaches will be evaluating swimmers to determine what groups they will swim in. After the first week, swimmers will know what lanes and which coaches they will be swimming with on a regular basis. Groups are based on ability, so if coaches feel the need to move a swimmer based on changes in their performance, they will do so on an individual basis. Pool Shark group descriptions are attached to this email below. 
  • The focus of swim camp is to work on competitive stroke techniques and to learn/improve starts and turns in preparation for our summer season. Coaches will start to implement endurance later in the camp when appropriate.
  • Our coaches are all experienced swimmers. Some of them are experienced coaches from last season and some of them are coaching for the first time. We expect our swimmers to behave and be respectful to all coaches and lifeguards on deck at all times. If there are behavior issues, your swimmer will be spoken to by a coach, and could possibly be asked to sit out if the behavior continues. If the behavior cannot be resolved between the coach and the swimmer, a parent will be notified.
  • Parents are not allowed on deck during swim camp. (Your swimmers usually listen better when you are not on deck, and can give their coaches their undivided attention) You are welcome to observe practice from the mezzanine, and can meet your swimmers in the hallway after practice is finished.

Thank you for participating in our Spring Swim Camp! We look forward to seeing you in the pool!

The Sauk Prairie Pool Sharks Board

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