Welcome to the 2024 Pool Shark season!

Greetings Pool Shark families,

Welcome to our 2024 Pool Shark season! We are 1 week away from our first practice of the summer season! We have some important information and updates below for you to know going into our first week of practices.

  • Website - Please use our website as a reference for any questions you may have throughout the season. It includes our calendar for all practices/meets and events, various information about meets, pool locations, volunteer requirements, contact information, and much more. It is your ¨go-to¨ for all things Pool Sharks! https://poolsharks.swimtopia.com/ You may also want to download the Swimtopia App. It is free, and an easy way to help get your swimmer(s) signed up for meets (if they choose to compete) and sign up for volunteer shifts.
  • Practice schedule the first 2 weeks - Our practice schedule is a little different than our "normal" summer schedule while our kids are still in school. You will have 2 practice options per day at the indoor pool to choose from. Our first practice option time is from 3:45-4:45pm, and the 2nd time is from 5-6pm. These will be our practice options from Tuesday May 28th-Thursday June 6th. There will be no practice on Friday, May 31st due to graduation. After June 6th, we will transition to our regular summer practice schedule, with practices at the indoor pool at 6:45-7:45am, High Performance at the indoor pool from 8-10am, and 5:30-6:30pm at the outdoor pool.
  • We do not take attendance at practices. You can come to any practice that works for you and your family. We encourage swimmers to come to 2-3 practices per week, but if that's not possible, we completely understand. Do the best to come to what you can. Only swimmers registered for High Performance can attend those practices, and once we transition to our summer schedule, we ask Baby Sharks to attend the 5:30pm practice at the outdoor pool only.
  • Expectations before and after practice - In an effort to cut down on foot traffic on the pool deck, we are asking our swimmers and families to enter and exit the locker rooms using the high school hallway instead of the main pool entrance doors. Also, our swim coaches, and most of our pool staff do not get out of school until 3:25 everyday. Therefore the pool will not be open until 3:45 for the 4pm session. If you or your swimmers arrive before 3:45, they will have to wait outside of the pool doors until staff arrive to open the facility. We also ask that swimmers clear the locker room and pool area 15 minutes after their sessions.
  • Please talk to your swimmer about changing quickly, and appropriate behavior in the locker rooms. In the past we have had issues with swimmers leaving messes, destroying property, and messing around in the showers/locker room area. If this happens again, we will not be allowed to use the locker rooms.
  • Once your swimmer is changed, have them report to the bench area on deck and sit quietly until the coaches come out for attendance. There is no running on deck or horseplay allowed on deck. No one is allowed to enter the pool without permission from a coach. Coaches will direct your swimmer where to go.
  • Practice evaluations week 1 (May 28th-30th) - We will be evaluating our new and youngest swimmers. If you are a new swimmer parent of a 10 and under or younger, PLEASE STAY AT PRACTICE! The requirement for our Baby Shark program is to swim 1/2 length of the pool UNASSISTED AND comfortably put their head and face under the water. The requirement to be a Rec swimmer/Pool Shark is to swim at least 1 length of the pool UNASSISTED with head/face in the water. (Please see attached flow chart for Baby Sharks) If your child cannot complete the requirements of a Baby Shark or, they are not ready for Pool Sharks this season. They will be sent to the locker room to change. You will be notified and will be refunded. If your child falls into the Baby Shark category, but is not strong enough to be a Pool Shark, they will also be sent to the locker room after their evaluation. They will be listed as a Baby Shark in our system. Their practices will start June 10th at the outdoor pool at the 5:30pm practice. We cannot accommodate our Baby Shark program at the indoor pool for safety reasons. All Baby Shark parents will receive an email at the end of the first week with more information about our Baby Shark program. 
  • Practice evaluations week 2 (June 3rd-7th) This week our coaches will be evaluating our Pool Shark swimmers and placing them in practice groups by ability. These groups are fluid, and will be re-evaluated throughout the summer. I have attached the groups and their descriptions below for your reference. Please see either one of our Co-Head Coaches Riley Talmage or Ashley Pape with any questions.
  • Our coaches are all experienced swimmers. Some of them are experienced coaches from last season and some of them are coaching for the first time. We expect our swimmers to behave and be respectful to all coaches and lifeguards on deck at all times. If there are behavior issues, your swimmer will be spoken to by a coach, and could possibly be asked to sit out if the behavior continues. If the behavior cannot be resolved between the coach and the swimmer, a parent will be notified and asked to stay for practices until the behavior can be resolved.
  • Parents are not allowed on deck during practice. (Your swimmers usually listen better when you are not on deck, and can give their coaches their undivided attention) You are welcome to observe practice from the mezzanine, and can meet your swimmers in the hallway after practice is finished. There are unisex locker areas if you have a young swimmer of the opposite gender that needs help getting dressed before/after practice. Please ask our pool staff for access to these locker areas.
  • Parent meeting - We will be having a parent meeting Monday, June 3rd at 6:30pm in the cafeteria at Sauk Prairie Middle School. We highly recommend at least 1 parent to attend, especially if you are new to Pool Sharks. Swimmers are welcome to come along to meet and hang out/play with the coaches on the playground while the parents meet in the cafeteria in the school.

Thanks for making it to the end of a long email. We hope you are able to enjoy the holiday weekend, and we are looking forward to seeing you at the pool this season!

The Sauk Prairie Pool Sharks Board

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